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 We have the know how to make your visitor experience exciting and memorable so they will want to become your customers.

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We have built our valuable network and supply chain over time so they are a trusted and supportive but versatile and diverse bunch. Why not challenge us to find the best  fit for your next exhibition or event?

Clean and tidy

We have established reusable frame, floor, lighting, graphic systems so you can meet more of your green responsibilities as an exhibitor. We also have a ‘no landfill’ policy so you can be assured that any materials are re-cycled (and up-cycled) at the end of their life.

Don’t forget the sweets!

As the old saying goes, the devil is in the detail. We love finding those little extras that really do make the memories. The seemingly small things can make a huge difference for your team, your brand and your visitors.



Get some answers to help with your decision making

Yes, we often do this as part of the service and that comes with a menu for you to choose as much as you want from us. You will gain a lot more and avoid some common pitfalls from using the knowledge we have acquired over the years too.

Yes, of course. It’s what we thrive on! Just let us know when you enquire as to how much you want us to look after.

Great question, now you’re talking our language! There are so many ways to do this and maximise leads, product exposure, footfall, brand awareness etc but it all starts with good planning and simple language. If you want to find out more, why not schedule a call or Zoom to suit you on the blue button on this page.

Yes, everything we do is tailored to your business and its goals

Yes, generally we offer a working 3D visual with every build so you feel confident in what we are proposing. This is usually presented with a fully dimensioned 2D drawing. You’ll then see your stand design from various angles and any graphics/features that are prominent. Of course you can opt not to have this service included, it’s completely up to you. Sometimes a small/simple build will not need it at all and we just supply a plan and graphics for discussion and approval.

We have been serving our clients for many years and they come back as they trust us to organise everything. Rest assured, we aim to exceed your expectations with our attention to detail!

Absolutely! We love this kind of planning. The modular aspect of our work lends itself perfectly to this kind of thing. Stand shapes can be reconfigured too without much additional expense and we can ‘design in’ elements that are easy to reuse or reconfigure. Modern graphic materials can also be reused again and again, which a large proportion of the cost.

Yes, depending on what the stand comprises of. Some of the bigger items cannot be sold as they are too complex. It’s always worth having a conversation to discuss your long term thinking as there will very likely be a benefit somewhere that we won’t know about until we discuss it.

Yes, you can choose from either a self assembly display (purchase) or a slick modular set of walls and extras (hired). Don’t forget to talk to us about how to use your shell scheme to get the best exposure.

We will listen to your needs and analyse the choices with you to maximise the return on your investment. We are not just an exhibition builder, we have a creative heart and our parent company, Vivid Pixel will bring creativity and attention grabbing  graphic design to the mix, plus everything else you may need to make your exhibiting a success. With over 35 years in the industry, you will know you’re backed by experience.

Yes, you will receive a prompt, free, no obligation budgetary estimate upon enquiry and brief. Then, if you’re happy with that, we discuss the details with you to tighten up costs and deliverables before a formal quote can be approved by you.

Of course! Unless you wish to do this yourself that is. We find nearly all our clients who book space only pitches tend to want less admin and hand this bit to us. We then file the construction phase plan, risk assessment, method statement, plans and get permission to build certificates so you don’t have the hassle. We can also order your electrics for you or simply give you a shopping list to place the order, depending how the organiser and their portal works. All we need is to be granted access to the portal when we’re up and running. Sometimes we can save you money here too!

Custom used to mean a bespoke, single use stand that was taken down and scrapped. These days with modular construction we can create so many interesting custom shapes with elements of our system and retro fit or integrate items like feature walls, accent lighting, LED video walls, shelving, ceiling rafts and more. So maybe the question should now be, “Can I have a custom stand that is modular?” Then answer is, “Yes”!

Absolutely. We operate alongside our creative design agency, Vivid Pixel, and being in the same room, we can bring the exhibition build and collateral together for a perfect brand experience for your visitors.

Yes, no problem. We have a long standing relationship with a couple of merchandising partners for the popular items and also the more unusual stuff too, so you’re covered.

Yes, in the past we have helped with complete Barista ‘real’ coffee services, magicians, touch/memory/speed and VR games, even a Formula One simulator. These would need to be discussed as early as possible though, to ensure availability.

Generally, we start with a space and floor plan of your pitch and take into consideration all your required elements on the stand so we know what we’re dealing with regarding flow, staff, storage and spatial aspects to ensure there are no blind spots or congestion etc. Then we produce a 3d wireframe to share with you before working up a visual (if required) and then apply graphics and headlines.

 See question above for the general design process, this usually directs the flow of your project. Then at key stages we will discuss any options and seek your approval as the project progresses. Once we have your sign off, we go into production. This can take anywhere between 2-12 weeks depending on the project size, location and its complexity.

Yes, we certainly can. There is an amount of psychology to this ‘art’ and we know just how humans move around exhibition halls. When you work with us, we’ll help you find the best spot, even if you are limited to a few choices when booking, we can certainly advise and let you know what we think. Often it’s a good idea to ask us before securing your place with the organiser. Also, please make sure you have access to a floorpan when you contact us.

Yes. Without the space planning, you’re missing a vital part of how your stand will actually function, even small stands need planning correctly, often they are harder as options become tighter and more space limited. We highly recommend planning of any space first after (or before) you have booked the actual pitch.

It’s a bit of a ‘piece of string’ question but if you imagine production could take 4-6 weeks, sometimes less, sometimes much more. Then work backwards from the build window. i.e. if you have a complex space with a fair bit going on, we would need 8-12 weeks notice but for a modest design, allow 4-6 weeks as a good guide. Once we are in discussions we can advise on a more precise timeline for you.

Also, if you take into account seasonal busy times, you may wish to secure a design/build company like us well in advance, often a year ahead to secure our services.

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