Frequently asked questions

There maybe an answer here to your question before you get in touch. We’ve sorted them into three categories to make it easier to find too. If you still have questions, we’d love to hear from you.

Design & planning questions

Below you will find answers to the most frequent questions we get asked about design, planning and your project management.

Yes, everything we do is tailored to your business and its goals

Yes, you can choose from either a self assembly display (purchase) or a slick modular set of walls and extras (hired). Don’t forget to talk to us about how to use your shell scheme to get the best exposure.

We will listen to your needs and analyse the choices with you to maximise the return on your investment. We are not just an exhibition builder, we have a creative heart and our parent company, Vivid Pixel will bring that creativity to your graphics and everything else you may need to make your exhibiting a success. With over 35 years in the industry, you will know you’re backed by experience.

Yes, you will receive a free and prompt, no obligation estimate upon enquiry and a given brief. Then we discuss this with you to tighten up the details and costs before a formal quote can be approved by you.

Of course! Unless you wish to do this yourself that is. We find nearly all our clients who book space only pitches tend to want less admin and hand this bit to us. We then file risk assessment, method statement, plans and get permission to build certificates so you don’t have the hassle. We can also order your electrics for you or simply give you a shopping list to place the order, depending how the organiser and their portal works. All we need is to be granted access to the portal when we’re up and running.

Custom used to mean a bespoke design, single use stand that was taken down and scrapped. These days with modular construction we can create custom shapes with elements of the system and retro fit or integrate items like feature walls, accent lighting, LED video walls, shelving, ceiling rafts and more. So maybe the question should be can I have a custom stand that is modular. Then answer is “yes”.

Absolutely. Were operate alongside our creative design agency, Vivid Pixel, and being in the same room, we can bring the exhibition build and collateral together for a perfect brand experience for your visitors.

Yes, no problem. We have a long standing relationship with our merchandise partner for the popular items and also the more unusual stuff too, so you’re covered.

Yes, we have helped with complete Barista ‘real’ coffee services to touch/memory/speed games, even a Formula One simulator once. These would need to be discussed as early as possible though, to avoid disappointments.

Generally, we start with a space plan of your pitch and take into consideration all your elements on the stand so we know what we’re dealing with regarding flow, staff and spatial aspects to ensure there are no blind spots or congestion etc. Then we produce a 3d wireframe to share with you before working up a visual (if required) and the graphics and messages.

 See question above for the general design process, this directs the flow of your project. Then at key stages we will discuss any options and seek your approval as the project progresses. Once we have your sign off, we go into production. This can take between 2-8 weeks depending on the project size and complexity.

Yes we certainly can. There is an amount of psychology to this ‘art’ and we know just how humans move around exhibition halls. When you work with us, we’ll help you find the best spot, even if you are limited to a few choices when booking, we can certainly advise and let you know what we think. Often it’s a good idea to ask us before securing your place with the organiser. Also, please make sure you have access to a floorpan when you contact us.

Yes. Without the space planning, you’re missing a vital part of how your stand will work, even small stands need planning correctly, often they are harder as options become more limited. We highly recommend planning of any space first after you have booked the actual pitch.

Yes, generally we offer a working 3D visual with every build so you feel confident in what we are proposing. This is usually presented with a fully dimensioned 2D drawing. You’ll then see your stand design from various angles and any graphics/features that are prominent. Of course you can opt not to have this service included, it’s completely up to you. Sometimes a small/simple build will not need it at all.

It’s a bit of a ‘piece of string’ question but if you imagine production could take 4-6 weeks, sometimes less, sometimes more. Then work backwards from the build window. Once we are in discussions we can advise on a more precise timeline for you.

Exhibition Build questions

Below you will find answers to the most frequent questions we get asked about what goes on after the design stage when we reach the build time. Also what happens after the show.

Generally we don’t offer this service due to the labour intensive nature to doing this. It saves you wasting money. We have such confidence in our software and production methods that we know all tolerances, fixing points, weights and measures etc. However, if there is a special feature that is unusual to us or needed some integration, we would endeavour to have a ‘dry run’ though.

Sure. We work with A/V and other supply partners for the bigger items but we also carry our own smaller standard stock of furniture, flooring, A/V, media players, cabling, truss and lighting.

Yes, we carry a significant stock of 40mm modular platform which can be underwired to suit any space, trimmed and covered in a multitude of different floor coverings.

Yes, we find that our clients don’t want the hassle of storage or logistics. Plus it makes sense that we look after your stand elements between shows as we can then prepare and pack as necessary. In other words, if you exhibited 3 times a year, the items only get wrapped/unwrapped in the hall. At all other times they are securely stored, wrapped until the next time they’re needed.

Generally 70-80% of your stand will be of a hired nature. We have invested in the framework, doors, furniture so it makes your exhibition much more cost effective and our work more sustainable. The other 20-30% is made up of your peripherals, materials or graphics and these are purchased items, as they will be unique to your stand.

A ‘shell scheme’ is simply a ready made booth with temporary walls that define your space. It’s made from an aluminium framework (Octanorm or Sodem are popular brand names) and foamed PVC infill panels. Usually you will have a fascia board, a single socket, carpet and track lighting included as a ‘ready to fill’ empty space.

To a degree, yes. You can make it your own by covering the walls and framework up with our seamless panel or fabric graphics but you cannot drill into or change the walls in any way. You can add extra lights, sockets, change the floor covering, include items in and on your stand that work around the shell scheme and often, in smaller spaces, you can request to have the fascias removed if you want. They are obviously more limiting than a ‘space only’ built stand.

2.5 metres is the standard height of shell scheme walls.

As there name suggests, a ‘space only’ booking simply allots your space on the show floor. You then appoint a contractor like us to design and build your stand for you. There are pros and cons for both and often with smaller spaces it can be comparable cost wise too. Ask us before you book anything and we can guide you on what to ask for.

Generally the answer would be yes because the exhibitor will want to do more with the space. However, with smaller spaces being very popular, the cost is comparable for say a 3x3m corner space. Organisers usually sell space per sq metre and then the add ons are applied, except there are none with a space only booking of course. Often with either booking type you will get a marketing package that usually consists of advertising and space on the event site or printed guide, extra options to sponsor things or promote your brand as well.

No problem. Just let us know what you would like to suspend and we can advise. For larger builds we sometimes use venue services to chain lift our truss and lighting rig or banners. Please bear in mind, it is a specialist service and venues control what can and cannot be done and can be costly.

As a less expensive alternative we carry floor mounted 250 box truss in black that can cope with various spaces and up to 4 metres high that then don’t need rigging by the venue and cost much less.

Yes, you can go small or large, depending on impact and budget. LED walls can be flat, curved and even go around corners. These look stunning and are seen from quite a distance. If budget doesn’t stretch to that, small is OK too our hire stock full HD or 4K screens work equally well at short distances.

As we share our space with parent brand Vivid Pixel Creative they will design, edit and produce attention grabbing animation for your content too if you wish. VP are also in tune with exhibitions and how they are different from other broadcast media.

Yes, we have the more delicate display lighting for low level, we can also incorporate LED light boxes and accent lighting to floors, walls, surrounds etc. Higher level we use 30-50W LED floods mounted on a truss rig. All our hire kit is carefully stored and managed so is always in A1 condition when on your stand.

Yes, for the discerning client we have a close partnership with two of the UK’s biggest suppliers. Or, for the simpler designs, we carry a limited amount of quality hire furniture like glass top bar tables, white and black leatherette stools, some chairs and other tables too. We also have 1m high workstation units with cable management and a set of 1.8m high illuminated acrylic totems where we apply your company’s branding for a grand welcome statement!

No, we have worked in Germany, France and Spain in the past and any future request across Europe or further would not be out of reach. We have a friendly relationship with our European suppliers and contractors network and also with a specialist exhibition freight company that are based here in the UK. All in all we can adapt to your request and also ensure budget efficiency, so let us know your plans well in advance and we’ll get our wider team on it.

portable display questions

Below you will find answers to the most frequent questions we get asked about self assembly and banner displays.

Yes they are very easy to use and understand. The first time you set up one of our displays we would advise you to watch the video and lay out all the component parts before starting to build anything, so you can easily identify the different parts first, but that’s all. After that, you’ll be installing like a pro! Some of the more structural elements like shelving come with different parts and their own instructions too. All our systems are a one person operation and are tool free.

Lead times vary but for smaller, less complex orders please allow approximately 2 working weeks from approved artwork for delivery. If we are working on your design as well we will need a further 1 working week at least to ensure this is done in time. If you have more time to plan then that of course is preferred so there are no stressful deadlines to meet.

Yes, all our products are designed and manufactured here in the UK.

The hardware is made from aluminium, so it is one of the most widely recyclable metals we have for when your display’s life is over. We may even buy it back from you if it is still serviceable (less any graphics). All the printed graphic panels are made from a polypropylene base and laminate so they too can be recycled responsibly if you have facility to do so commercially. We are trying to minimise and even eliminate waste, plus on a mission to completely rid our industry of single use PVC plastics.

We don’t just sell display systems to clients, we also try to ensure they will get the most out of their investment by using our knowledge and experience to maximise their event in both profitable return and visual attraction. We don’t think many other display companies do this, if any.

OK, this one crops up a lot!

We always ask what people want when they ask for a “pop up” as that conjures many different items in the mind. To remove the confusion…

A “Roller Banner” or “Pull Up” is a simple, light, ‘carry on’ item where the graphic rolls out of a base cassette and comes in a support pole and travels in a padded bag. The cheapest solution to get you started. We offer a really good product here as a starting point, they have ‘stay flat’ graphics and hidden base cassette too!

A “Pop Up” display is usually a static wider wall that is highly portable too and created by an expanding frame that comes with removable panels, held on by magnetic strips. It travels in a rolling case that can double up and convert into a counter.

Our Displays are the next evolution of the Pop Up as they have a modular frame where you can grow and shrink, bend, move and manipulate your stand at will. They do cost more than the ordinary pop up but we are finding that the more discerning exhibitor is now demanding much more versatility from their kit.

Yes, there is no obligation to buy from us once we have quoted. We just need to have a short call to ensure we are giving you what want to see and saying what you want to hear.

We don’t normally get asked to engage with organisers if clients are ‘buying’ their own stand to use multiple times, but we are happy to project manage and help you make the most out of any exhibitions you have coming up. Please get in touch via the  contact page and we can discuss your needs in more detail.

We would only deliver to your office/premises usually as delivering to a venue direct is highly risky. Venues are often huge, constantly moving places and finding people to be in a particular location at an event isn’t easy. If you are 100% sure you want to do this we would need to have a dedicated level of constant contact with you and our driver.

You may be surprised how far a fairly modest budget will go, so you don’t have to purchase your own exhibition display. You could look at shell scheme fit out or a small custom hire option. These are definitely worth discussing if you want to ‘own’ your graphic messages but not have the hassle of storing and transporting the lumpier hardware all over the place. Also, if you are exhibiting more than once a year, this can be really cost effective to let the supplier handle it all for you.

Yes, together with our parent company, Vivid Pixel Creative Ltd, we make a group of services that are perfectly matched to offer these kind of things. We can align your branded collateral and attention grabbing visual brochures, flyers or giveaways for any event. Please just let his know what you have in mind when you contact us.

Yes, we can. Please just tell us what you have in mind or if you want us to suggest some ideas for you to match your brand and its ‘live’ proposition.

Yes, we have helped many companies with their on-stand attractions. From monster dispenser units, barista bars, magicians and card tricks, interactive fun games or props, electronic educational LED tests, and even formula one simulators!

If we are designing your graphics, we simply have a brief chat and decide on a way forward, based on your goals. We would require your brand assets like logo, copy and imagery in high res or vector formats. We send you a draft design for comment (up to a maximum of 3 times) then we should be in a good place for final artwork.

If you wish to design your own graphics in house, that’s fine too. We will supply you a design template, uniquely matched to the kit that you want and a requirement spec for the finished output artwork.

Then we run the artwork through a thorough proofing process to check file integrity, resolution, fonts etc. Once you are happy and it is signed off, it passes into production.

Options can include media players/screens, shelving, merchandisers, slat wall hangers, table attachments, separate free standing counters (of various sizes), lighting, brochure holders, ceiling rafts, even integrated product displays or wall mounted items. Please just mention what you’re interested in when you get in touch and we can prepare your unique quote.

Yes, we will supply you with a simple plan and flat graphic visual layout of your design.

If you need a 3D visual, that is a more complex item and we rarely do these for display products. However, we can provide 3D visuals at an additional cost.

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