What is a Shell Scheme?

A blank shell scheme space image.

The basics.

A Shell Scheme is usually a standard, pre-defined space, typically lined with an aluminium framework and panelled with white foamex (plastic) walls.

They can vary in size and are usually plotted out in one metre square units and are 2.5 metres high. Often there are options offered by the organiser like additional fascias, lighting, wall coverings or lighting.

On its own, it does sound pretty boring and it can easily be upgraded. There are many options to help present your offer in a more professional, alternative way so your offer stands out and looks professional.

What you can do to make it more attractive.

We get so many enquiries that start with the request, ”I am attending trade show in a few months and I’ve booked a shell scheme space. What can I do with it?”.

Don’t be a sheep! Copying what everyone else does will not garner results. If you want to stand out and make the most of your event, it needs some creativity.

Other important considerations.

Secondly, what do you want to achieve at the end of this exercise? More exposure, meetings secured, sales of a service or product etc. Then there are the retention questions and keeping the flow going around the event.

The way you present your business with your wall graphics or display and the method you go about building your presentation is obviously important but are the secondary stages of the process. The first is always part of a strategic marketing plan.

An example stand for Riso from a previous trade show.

Next steps.

Once your aims and desired outcomes are sorted, a best solution can be agreed to make the whole experience run like clockwork and arrive at the best possible result for you.

These exercises can be expensive, so your valuable project needs to be something attractive, brand-centric and memorable.

I haven’t met an exhibitor yet who doesn’t want to be noticed or remembered!

Speak to us if you’d like some expert advice on this subject, before you book that space, or before you buy anything to fill it. We can also suggest a more environmentally friendly option on the printed graphics element.