Exhibition Stand: A Comprehensive Guide to Stand Design Exhibition Pricing

Modular exhibition stand with fully wrapped graphic design

When it comes to showcasing your brand, products, or services at a trade show or exhibition, an effective stand design exhibition can make all the difference. It can attract potential customers, create a lasting impression, and ultimately drive sales. However, one of the most common questions that businesses often ask is – “What is the cost of an exhibition stand?”

The cost of an exhibition stand can vary greatly depending on various factors such as size, design complexity, materials used, logistics and more. In this blog post, we will delve into these factors and provide a comprehensive guide to understanding the costs associated with display stands.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Exhibition Display Stands:

1. Size and Complexity of Design

The size and complexity of your stand are two significant factors that directly impact the cost. A larger stand with intricate or custom designs will naturally cost more than a smaller one with simple designs. However that doesn’t mean it has to be standard, with careful use of your budget and a good brief the design can be both interesting and save costs.

2. Materials Used

The choice of materials used in your exhibition display stands also plays a crucial role in determining its overall cost. High-quality materials to create bespoke features are more expensive than their more sustainable, modular counterparts but sometimes a hybrid mix can be a great solution.

3. Location & Logistics

The location of the event can also influence the price you pay for your display stand. If you’re exhibiting at an international event or one that’s far from your base location, you’ll need to factor in shipping costs for your stand materials and any additional charges for overseas labour. Tip: Find a design/build company that work internationally or has good links with partners abroad.

4. Stand Services & Features

Elements such as lighting, audio-visual equipment, furniture rental and installation services add up to the total cost as well. A well-rounded design/build company will have a ready stock or can easily provide from partners to ensure your stand justifies its cost.

5. In Conclusion

It’s all about balancing cost with impact. While it’s important to consider the cost of your stand, it’s equally crucial not to compromise on quality or impact. A well-designed stand can attract more visitors, generate leads, and significantly boost your brand visibility.

Remember that an exhibition is an investment in your business’ future growth. So, while initial costs may seem high, the potential return on investment through increased sales and brand recognition can make it worthwhile.

Ultimately, understanding what factors influence the cost of designing, visualising and building a stand will help you make informed decisions when planning for your next trade show or exhibition. Whether you choose a pop-up stand, a modular/reusable or a large custom-built one, ensure that it aligns with your brand identity and business objectives while offering value for money.

Heading into a venture like this will require some expert planning and advice so, much like the relationship when building a house with architect and builder, speak to an exhibition expert or consultant first before you approach the stand designer or builder, to get the best result.